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Hand and foot casting

At Jenny's Casting I create plaster and cold cast statues and outprints of hands and feet. These beautiful ornaments pick out even the smallest skin details making each one truly unique and personal.

I am based in Harpenden and offer a friendly and personal service creating each piece entirely by myself.

About me

Before starting my own family I worked as a special effects model-maker specialising in moulding and casting. I loved the work and also enjoyed using the skills I learnt to start casting baby’s hands and feet.

When my kids were born I cast their hands and feet, I wanted to keep a part of their baby stage forever. The older they get and the more they change the more I love the tiny statues so I can see how small they used to be and how much they have grown.

I work alone creating each piece step by step taking care to create casts as special to you as my own are to me.

About me