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To cast hands and feet statues I use a substance called alginate. This is a very safe material made largely from seaweed. It is non toxic and safe to use on even a new-born baby’s skin.

The alginate powder is mixed with warm water and takes about a minute to set. When casting babies I usually find the most comfortable way is for you to cuddle with baby on your lap whilst I hold their hand/foot in the alginate as they wriggle their fingers and toes.

Mixing alginate
Casting baby

Once the alginate is set the hand/foot is gently eased out leaving the mould ready for the plaster to be poured into.

The casting session takes around 30 minutes, (and there will be time to discuss different display options and finishes if you would like to). After the casting session the alginate mould is then broken off to reveal the plaster hand/foot.

Pouring plaster
Plaster foot

Once out of the mould the plaster hand/foot is cleaned up and completed by hand to create the finished plaster statue. This process can take up to 2 weeks.

Plaster statue

If you have chosen to have a cold cast statue these finished plaster statues are remoulded using a platinum cure silicone, a rubber material designed to pick out the details of the statues that make them so special. The metallic resin is then poured into the silicone mould creating the cold cast statue. Please allow an extra 2 weeks for this finish.

Cold cast statue