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How long does it take to get my finished product?

For a plaster statues or outprints it takes around 2-3 weeks. Cold cast takes around 3-4 weeks.

What is a good age for casting babies?

As a baby gets older the more they can move their hands and feet during a casting session which can cause problems in the cast, most of which are minor and can be fixed in the plaster. All babies are different and there is no rule. I do not charge for casting sessions, only for finished products. If I believe the casting has not worked there will be no charge.

Can I have a casting session in my own home?

Yes I will travel locally to cast in your home if this suits you. I bring a plastic mat with me and will remove any mess when I finish.

Can I supply my own frame/mount?

Yes. If you would like to supply a frame/mount of your choice I am happy to attach the hand/foot to your specifications for a small fee of £10. (This is assuming that the frame mount is a suitable size and material)

What does the term ‘cold cast’ mean?

Cold cast refers to the use of a resin/metal powder blend that creates the look of a solid metal piece. Click here to find out more.

Is a casting session safe for young babies?

Yes, the substance I use is called alginate. It is made largely from algae and is safe for use on even a new-born baby’s skin.

I have a plaster statue I would like to turn into a cold cast statue. Would you be able to do this?

Yes I do do this, however I like to see the statue (photos are fine) before I commit. Prices would be determined on a job to job basis.

Will you mould other objects I wish to make copies off?

Yes if it is suitable. The silicone I use can react badly to some materials. I would need to see the object before committing. Prices would be determined on a job to job basis.